Keynote Lecture by: Dr. Robert Fogel
Building Best Practices for Deploying 21st Century eLearning
Principal Education Architect | Intel World Ahead

Robert Fogel is the principal education architect for Intel’s World Ahead program which is focused on reaching the “next” billion users with broadband Internet connectivity, state-of-the-art computer technology, collaborative rich-media content, and interactive 1:1 education environments. Robert works closely with government officials from countries around the world as well as with non-government organizations, education content providers, global & local industry, and educators to develop cost-effective 1:1 education solutions that help children develop 21st century skills, prepare them for higher education and thrive in today’s global economy. Reference: .

Robert was recently the vice-president of the Open Grid Forum (OGF, which is an international community leading the effort for broad-scale adoption of Grid technology which utilizes shared computing, storage and network resources for doing academic research, developing local industry, and for next-generation IT infrastructure.

Robert’s background includes several years working with the Grid ( and High Performance Computing (HPC) industries; and, a significant part of his career was spent as a systems architect for JPL/NASA's Deep Space Network.  He also developed reusable communications satellites, network file servers, optical storage devices, electromagnetic reproducing pianos, and digital signal/image processing technology.

Robert taught systems engineering, systems architecture and software engineering courses at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), and he earned an Electrical Engineering degree from Cornell University.