Mobile Robotics
Mobile robotics workshop teaches both the theoretical and the practical skills in Mobile robots where the participant will be able to assemble, set up a robot with the proper mechanical parts and sensors, and program the robot according to a given task or set of tasks. People attending this workshop will understand what robotics are, how robotics work, and how robotics are built and programmed to accomplish tasks in response to the human demands.

The Robotic kit used for the Workshop is Lego MindStorms NXT (8257) which includes parts like a microcontroller (NXT unit), sensors, motors, and other components (like gears, axles, beams…). The used software is MindStorms NXT. In UAE, the kit could be found in “Toys R Us” shops or could be ordered online via

The workshop objectives:
  • Building robots for various tasks from small Lego parts
  • Use appropriate type of sensors for each robot according to the assigned task
  • Use motors and gears in a proper way to build the robot
  • Program the robot to do the assigned task