1-2 April, 2013, Fatima College of Health Sciences, Abu Dhabi, UAE


The Institute of Applied Technology (IAT), as one of the leading Career Technical Education (CTE) stakeholders and a pioneer in integrating innovative educational technologies in the UAE, organizes IAT Technological Education Conference (IAT TEC) annually. Since 2010, the conference has been hosting discussions and presentations on contemporaneous issues in the field of technical education and technology:

2010: Setting Emirati Workforce on an Early Engineering Track.
2011: Educate to Innovate.
2012: Classroom Without Borders.

The first generation of the twenty-first century, Generation Z, the Net Generation or the iGeneration; regardless of what we call them, all those born after 1997 share distinctive characteristics related to the way they communicate, process information, share ideas, deal with technology and unquestionably in the way they learn. In addition, they have become solidly attached to the universal use of mobile technologies. Realizing these facts, educators and educational systems are now faced with many challenges as they need to acknowledge that the only way to involve 21st century learners in meaningful learning experiences at school is by transforming the way instruction is designed as well as the tactics by which content is communicated.

Education for the iGeneration, therefore, translates into many interesting topics, or rather questions: how do we design a curriculum that meets the needs of this new type of learners? How do we rewire our educational systems to communicate learning objectives and help the iGeneration achieve the desired outcomes? How can we prepare teachers for these changes and equip them with the skills and pedagogical means to motivate learners who are used to constant connectivity and instantaneous feedback? What tools do we need to adapt for use in the classroom to reach these goals? With so many questions, and probably not enough research-based answers, the need for a dialogue to exchange ideas and listen to the viewpoints of the iGeneration arises.

IAT is pleased to invite you to share your ideas on education for the iGeneration.

The conference aims at showcasing the successes, changes and challenges as well as exploring the future of education for the iGeneration, from the perspectives of educational technology experts as well as students, or the representatives of the iGeneration.

Since equipping Emirati youth with leadership skills is one of the main visions of IAT, Applied Technology High School (ATHS) students across the UAE will take part in presenting, organizing and moderating the event.


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