Students of ATHS Dubai presented 7 innovated scientific projects during the activities of the 20th Scientific Forum for the GCC youth which will be concluded on 22 November, 2012, at Sharjah Youth Center with the participation of 60 male and female students "below 13 years" representing GCC countries.

Mr. Ahmad Al Rahel, Vice Principal ATHS, Eng. Khaled Al Jarrah from the Mechanical Engineering department and Eng. Samir Hamasha, Lead teacher, Mechanical Engineering department, supervised the students during the forum.

7 Proj Body

Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi, Managing Director of the Institute of Applied Technology emphasized that enabling the students to innovate and create, is the responsibility both the family and the school. It is vital to provide the students with all the necessary educational tools and means that help them show their scientific capabilities and gifts, which are better discovered in the early stages; so that, these students get sponsored by related government establishments interested in producing scientists and capable national work force to meet the requirements of Abu Dhabi 2030 vision and the country's 2020 strategic plan.

Al Ittihad, 21 November, 2012.
Al Khaleej, 21 November, 2012.