Founded in 2005, the Applied Technology High Schools have gone from strength to strength developing and nurturing Emirati talent and producing successful graduates who excel in technical and vocational fields both at home and abroad. We have established an entity that our Emirati families entrust with their children. We reciprocate their trust by cultivating the best attributes and traits in our students to produce diverse, self-reliant graduates, and a proud, confident work force for our country.

The late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nayhan said, “The real wealth is the hard, sincere work which is beneficial for the humans and for the society.” With the support of our inspirational leaders, we take up the challenge of twenty first century education. We hire the best educators to instill in our youth a growth mindset and take them through our highly sought after programs in health, media, business, computer science, engineering and science. We support them with pastoral care in the form of SAPET (Saturday Activity Program for Extra Curricular and Tutoring) and SAM (Student Academic Mentoring). We provide them with opportunities to experience industry and the world of work during our internship and work placement programs.

At the Applied Technology High Schools, we made the early decision to adopt a 1-1 Apple technology solution, providing every student entering a program of study with their own iPad. In keeping with the goals of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum we stress on the “importance of reading and the acquisition of knowledge to reach the highest levels of innovation.” In our classrooms you will find modern teaching methodologies, blended learning, differentiation, assessment for learning and students who are developing their love of education to become lifelong learners. In our hallways, you will witness students who respect our heritage and aim to be the sparks that ignite innovation and development in the knowledge economy of the UAE of the future.

The words of his highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan can be seen in reality each year in our schools. He said, "the education of the individual is the most valuable investment in this country because it represents the foundation of progress and development." Through our modern programs that promote global citizenship, STEAM exploration, healthy lifestyles and parental engagement, we are nurturing highly sought-after graduates who are employable in various fields and whose ultimate goal is the success and progress of our nation.

Our students’ ambition and curiosity ensures our continual growth and determination for improvement. Educating the future generations of UAE is the proud work undertaken by the Applied Technology High Schools. We endeavor to continue to nurture twenty first century technicians, scientists, and engineers who uphold our country’s values and traditions. Our graduates have a deep regard for our heritage and possess both the innovative skills and ingenuity to take up their dream careers. They are the true wealth of the UAE.

Easa Abdulla Mohammed Al Marzooqi
A. Director, Applied Technology High School System