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Curriculum Overview

Since the establishment in 2005, IAT was envisioned as a world class integrated educational system of career-based technical education that would produce the scientists, engineers, and technicians needed for the UAE to build a knowledge-based economy. IAT’s mission is to promote various programs of study in order to meet the industrial and technical requirements of the UAE, and provide appropriate specializations to cover the industrial and technical requirements for a competent workforce. While career clusters are designed and customized in accordance to local community needs and requirements, enrollment in a particular program is primarily dependent on student interests and academic achievement.

The IAT curriculum is designed to offer standards-based rigorous academic core combined with hands-on cluster based courses. The Curriculum Matrix details the distribution of periods per week for each subject area, each period being 45 minutes with a total of 40 periods per week. The term “Cluster Requirements” under Subjects refers only to the total number of periods designated to career cluster courses.