On 3rd November 2015 the STS/ATHS Ajman Campus celebrated the UAE National Flag Day by flying the national flag in the assembly area. This year’s flag campaign falls under the slogan ‘We are all soldiers of the UAE, each in his field’. In the boys’ section of the school, students designed a 30 foot flag and carried it around the school. All students showed perfect understanding of the Flag Day campaign, which aimed to honor the sacrifices made by UAE Armed Forces. Sheikh Hamdan said that“ This year’s celebration of the UAE flag has great meaning– we have raised it high and proud with our development, distinctiveness and pure sacrifices” The red of the UAE flag is 'watered’ by the blood of the martyrs who gave their lives for justice, truth and peace in the region. Green is representative of the nation’s wise leadership and of citizens building a renaissance. White represents the purity of the UAE and its citizens, and black is the fertility of the land.  

Flag Day 2015