UAE Innovates 2021- Virtual Exhibition by RAK Customs Department

Dear Teachers and students

As a part of UAE INNOVATES 2021 , RAK Costumes Department organises different Virtual programmes.

Grade 9.1 ADV and Grade 10.2 ENI are invited to attend tomorrow's (24/02/2021) session from 10.30 to 11.30 am-Protection of Intellectual Property.

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Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

We are excited to announce our very first Virtual Science Fair 2021!


Science Fair Projects nurture independent thinking, curiosity and research skills pertaining to all disciplines. Independent student-driven projects are vital and impactful for students' learning and development. We believe that the new normal' can not only help improve scientific knowledge but also open new platforms for students to share and showcase their learning.

ATHS RAK Science Department is creating this brilliant opportunity for students to explore, innovate and share their scientific knowledge with the world through ATHS RAK Science Fair Video Riddles Challenge.

Video Riddles Challenge follows a student-driven project-based approach where students are encouraged to identify relevant, real scientific concepts and work around challenges that may not necessarily have a clear answer but promote creative and critical thinking to construct innovative solutions. Participants will develop deeper understanding of content through research and find solutions to problems. They demonstrate their learning by submitting a showcase video that outlines their learning and presents the proposed solution.

For more details and to register tap on the link


Dear RAK Team

UAE will reach the furthest point in space in Arab history as the Hope Probe makes its grand entry to the Red Planet today at 7.42pm. The Mars Orbit Insertion, which lasts a nail-biting 27 'dark' minutes, is the most critical aspect of the mission that will determine its success.

Kindly use the link below to join at 7:00 pm.

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