It was a wonderful experience for ATHS RAK to be to be part of UAE Innovates 2022 at RAK Customs Department. ATHS RAK have participated with more than 10 students projects and we have showcases our 3D Printing and Robotics lab facilities. People were amazed to see such innovative projects by students.
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Name Activity
Mohammed Tareq Ebrahim Mohammed Alsalman Skin Cancer Detector
Mohammed Ahmed Abdulla Almathkoor Alteneiji Dancing Robot Show
Rashed Aaref Mohammed Alkaz Al Ali Mobile Robotics
Omar Mohammed Khaled Murad Hasan Facial Recognition Attendance System
Zaid Abdulla Rashed Abdulla Alhebsi Mask & Temperature Scanner
Rashed Saeed Rashed Alhabhoob Alhebsi Mask & Temperature Scanner
Saeed Hasan Mohammed Almanni Alshehhi Corona Virus Sterilizer Box
Saeed Mohammed Saeed Habban Alshehhi Corona Virus Sterilizer Box
Jaber Jamal Jaber Alnuaimi Water Recycler
Ahmed Saeed Obaid Alsoori Alzaabi Water Recycler
Omar Yaser Abdulrahman Alsharhan Alnuaimi Aquaponic 
Ghaith Mohammed Sarhan Noobi Khamis Aquaponic 
Bader Hamad Abdulla Saeed Almheiri Smart Dustbin 

This year once again the Emirates Environmental Group throws an open challenge to the student community, inviting you all to build and present strong cases on different contemporary issues and questions relating to the environment.
This will be an excellent opportunity for the exceptional students to showcase the environmental knowledge and talent you possess, and use this platform as a beneficial tool to share and exchange ideas amongst other students.
Please note that a team can only consist of a minimum 3 and a maximum of 5 students and you can present in Arabic or English.
The Competition will be held from 18th April to 21st April 2022.
The topics for the year 2022 are the following:
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2022-03-17 0838

يشكر قسم اللغة العربية للطلاب المتميزين الذين شاركوا في مسابقة كتابة القصة "ها هي تُشرق الشمس" ضمن فعاليات مهرجان طيران الإمارات للآداب

متمنين لهم النجاح، وتحقيق أفضل النتائج


الشعبة رقم الطالب اسم الطالب
12.ASP.1 20812377 محمد ابراهيم جمال محمد المنصوري
12.ENI.1 21003008 محمد عادل محمد علي الحبسي
12.ENI.1 21014490 محمد عمر علي الغيص الزعابي
12-CAI 2013199973 محمد سعيد احمد البدرى النعيمي
12-AET 20821945 محمد عبدالله سعيد الصنعاوى الشميلي
12-AET 20804801 خليفه عيسى احمد حميدى الشحي
11.CAI.1 20917488 راشد سعيد ساعد الحبسي
10-ENI-1 2011039348 اسامه علي محمد راشد الحبسي
10-ENI-1 2013199739 محمد سيف محمد الرقيط السويدي
10-ENI-1 21004324 محمد علي عبد العزيز إبراهيموه الشحي
10AET.1 2013090429 محمد ماجد نوح احمد الشحي
10.AET.1 2012000046 سيف خالد محمد الصنعاوي الشميلي
10.AET.1 21007288 احمد عبدالله احمد راشد الحبسي
10.AEA.1 21002347 سيف خالد محمد ثاني المنصوري
10.AEA.1 21004130 عبدالعزيز بدر علي أحمد زيد الشحي

Greetings from the ATHS RAK Eco-Committee and Global Social Leaders! We wish you a very happy, safe, and sustainable new year 2022!
The Emirates Environmental Group invites all students to the 16Cycle of the Environmental Drawing Competition 2022.
The topics for the year 2022 are the following:-
2022-03-17 0841
All students interested in participating should contact any of the Eco-Committee members copied in this post. Please note that the deadline for the registration is no later than by 28th February 2022.
Mr. Cian Lombard, your guidance and support towards our students with this regard would be much appreciated. 

2022-03-17 0836

We welcome you to a brand new ADNOC STEM for Life, launching in 2022. We will continue to deliver amazing STEM challenges, competitions and activities, but in a shiny new package.


1. How it Works
The STEM for Life team is launching a STEM club for talented youth that are excited about industry. Teachers across the UAE have an opportunity to join and host a Talented Youth in Industry Club at their schools or virtually. We will provide teachers with all the materials that they need to run the club. Parents may also run a club at home if they choose.

Clubs will offer a menu of exciting activities, challenges and competitions. Teachers and students can choose the activities they are excited about to gain points, level up, earn badges and win prizes. Sign up for our information session today!

2. Eligibility
All teachers in the UAE are welcome to apply.


3. Cost
All ADNOC STEM for Life Programs are free of charge.


4. How to Join
Teachers and students can REGISTER HERE by 30 January 2022.


5. Important Dates to Remember

  • Intro session for participating students, teachers and parents (attend only 1 of the 2):

    • 2 Feb, 4pm-5pm - ADNOC STEM for Life 2022 Program Launch

    • 3 Feb, 4pm-5pm - ADNOC STEM for Life 2022 Program Launch

  • Intro session for teachers running clubs:

    • 8 Feb, 4pm-5pm - Talented Youth in Industry Club Launch (Teacher & School Information Session)

  • First official sessions for students, teachers and parents:

    • 9 Feb, 4pm-5pm - Count for Life Info Session

    • 10 Feb, 4pm-5:30pm - ADNOC Onshore Digital Creator Challenge Launch and Career Talk

6. Spread the Word!
More details are included in the attached flyer. Please share with your middle and high school students and colleagues.