THEME: STEM Education in Digital Age

Ever since its inception, the Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) has focused on producing graduates who are qualified for future science-related jobs and who are highly skilled in computer science. This vision stemmed from clear awareness of the importance of Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology to prepare a generation of youth who are able to compete in the global economy.

The STEM Education in the Digital Age Symposium aims at providing educators with a unique professional development experience to explore the principles of STEM, (an approach to teaching and learning that integrates the content and skills of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), as well as technology integration.

Throughout the event educators will be involved in activities to discover and share best practices related to STEM education as well as educational technology. Participants will leave the Symposium better equipped to meet the learning requirements of the digital natives who are expected to apply rigorous Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics by engaging in inquiry and logical reasoning, as well as gaining skills in computing and computational algorithmic thinking.

In addition to the keynote presentation and the panel discussion, the symposium will offer eight concurrent sessions: five hands-on workshops and there presentations every 45 minutes. With 24 different sessions, IAT TEC 2014 attendees will have a wide variety of topics to choose from.

A special iPresent, showcasing strand, will be displayed as part of the exhibition. The Innovative lesson showcase will provide educators with opportunities to explore successful lessons designed by teachers.

IAT is pleased to invite you to share your ideas on STEM Education in the Digital Age, which will showcase and explore means and methods of STEM integration into a technology-enhanced learning environment.

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