Conference Activities

The Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) takes pride in its ability to keep abreast of the fluctuations and demands of the changing educational landscape which has witnessed a substantial shift in trends over the years. Within this swiftly changing environment teachers are expected to adapt, grow and keep pace with educational reform. Since we are seeking to nurture leaders, creators and inventors for the workforce of tomorrow, the IAT academic community is actively encouraged to embrace the ‘innovators mindset’ to better serve the learner and provide enhanced opportunities that will lead students to greater heights.

The Institute of Applied Technology recognizes that continual educational change can be stressful and challenging for teachers, and it is within this context that teachers are encouraged to attend the IAT TEC 2017 conference with the theme for this year: “Shifting the Teaching Landscape: Embracing a Progressive Mindset“. This conference aims to inspire teachers to create contemporary learning environments that both challenge and nurture the learner to become the best that they can be. Teachers who remain abreast of new and innovative practices, who embrace challenges regarding them as opportunities instead of threats, are on their way to acquiring a progressive mindset, thereby increasing the potential for success and higher achievement for both the teacher and student.

In addition to the Keynote presentation, teachers will have the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops geared around the following themes:

  • Inspired Learning: Developing an Innovative Mindset in Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.
  • STEAM Ahead: Motivating Millennials who are Inspired by Technology.
  • Connecting with Digital Natives through Meaningful Pedagogy.
  • Technophobia and the Digital Immigrant: Overcoming the Challenges of Integrating Technology in the Classroom.
  • Rethinking Education to Empower UAE Millennials.
  • The Shifting Paradigm of Teaching: Fixed vs Progressive Mindsets and the Contemporary Classroom.
  • How Does the Teacher Mindset Impact Who, Where, What and How We Teach?
  • Coping with the Digital Shift: Current Issues and Future Directions.
  • Enhancing Students Creativity through Creative Technology.
  • STEPS Ahead: STEAM, Transformational learning, Empowerment, Productivity, and Social awareness.
  • Curriculum, Differentiation and Technological Innovation.
  • Educate to Diversify: Educators and Industry Partners – Bridging the Gap between the Classroom and the Real World.


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